What Is Jet Lag ? How Can We Cope ?

Being a Jetlag is a physiological condition that affects the body’s energy, putting the body in a kind of alarming state. Jet Lag is commonly referred to as a condition of discomfort caused by the fact that the physiological clock does not match the local time of the country being traveled. This uncomfortable condition, which occurs during travel between different time zones, can have many effects on the body. These are effects such as insomnia, fatigue, attention disorder and digestive problems.

Jet Lag is a condition that occurs when the body is affected by a changing time zone. The biological rhythm of the human body consists of a 24-hour routine. With Jet lag, disruptions occur in this 24-hour routine and effects occur in the body. Jet lag may be encountered, according to the local time of the country where the flight was made.

What Can Be Done To Get Rid Of Jet Lag ?

1-It is necessary to rest well the day before the flight. Be careful not to drink alcohol on the day before the flight.

2-Try to sleep on the plane.

3-Be careful to give yourself extra time to rest in the country you are going to.

4-Eat healthy

5-For your flight plan, choose an expedition where you can land early in the evening.

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