Qatar Airways to fly again to Miami and 6 destinations

Qatar Airways begins rescheduling flights to Miami and 6 other different destinations by mid-December. The airline is considering changes to its new flight plan as it plans to increase its services to key routes such as New York and Chicago.

Qatar Airways has been working to improve its flight points for the past few months, although there has been a serious downsizing in its destinations since April. The airline plans to reach 125 destinations by the end of the winter season.

Qatar Airways, which has reached more than 100 destinations as of October, will operate flights to the following destinations from this month.

Algeria (2 times a week from 13 November)
Kiev (3 times a week from 18 December)
Miami (2 times a week starting November 14)
Phuket (2 times a week from December 4)
Seychelles (3 times a week from 15 December)
Tbilisi (1x week started on 5 November)
Warsaw (3 times a week from 16 December)

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