ICAO Council approves new updates to COVID-19 global aviation rescue guidelines

The ICAO Council has approved new updates to the Aviation Rescue Task Force’s ( CART) “take-off” Guide for International Air Transport.

The new guidelines advise countries on their current local medical condition and on specific priorities, including general hygiene, masks and face coverings, health screening and declarations, mobility-restricted air passengers, and mental health and well-being.

It also cited each country’s sovereignty and authority over its national pandemic recovery priorities, including the assessment and use of passenger tests to help ease quarantine measures and reconnect destinations globally.

ICAO Council President Salvatore Sciacchitano said “Countries are urged to follow this updated guidance to harmonize their measures and to maintain the authority of each state to implement additional and / or alternative mitigation measures in accordance with their specific needs and circumstances.”

The head of the Rescue Task Force, Estanislao Esono Anguesomo, noted that the latest task force updates “focus primarily on the technological and medical advances that have developed in the fight against COVID-19. It includes continuous feedback that ICAO receives from national authorities, international organizations, including World Health and tourism organizations (who / UNWTO), as well as regional organizations and industry”

Please click here for the press release.

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